IU Health Office of Clinical Education

OCE is a statewide program within the Academic Affairs department serving to assist in coordinating advanced practice providers and graduate students clinical education within all of the IUH facilities and clinics.

A core mission of Indiana University Health is to provide excellence in education as an academic health system and to support learners within our organization and within the community.

The Office of Clinical Education (OCE) has an interactive database, which allows APP students to apply for clinical experiences with IU Health providers. Students can also upload a resume, syllabus, and other documents that could assist with their clinical placement and selection process for clinical placement.

Students who are accepted for clinical placement will be instructed to complete online educational modules which allow students access into the IU Health information systems. OCE will also ensure educational affiliation agreements are in place between the IU Health clinical site and educational institutions. Please visit the Educational Affiliation Agreement site for more information about additional student requirements before the start of the education experience.

OCE encourages IU Health providers to become clinical preceptors for students who are seeking clinical assignments. A Preceptor Toolkit and additional resources for students are located on our Resources page.

Student Application Process:

Students must create an account and submit an application for a preceptor assignment during the following timeline:

Semester Student Application Period Open Period for Arranging Assignments Final Notification to Student
Summer (May-Jul start dates) Dec 1 - Feb 1 Feb 1 - Mar 1 March 15
Fall (Aug-Dec start dates) Mar 1 - Apr 1 Apr 1 - May 1 May 15
Spring (Jan-Apr start dates) July 1 - Sep 1 Sep 1 - Oct 1 Oct 15

  • Application submission does not guarantee placement with an IU Health provider.
  • Notify our office immediately to withdraw a pending application.
  • Students who make arrangements outside of this process, neglect to keep application information accurate, or decline an assignment arranged through the application process may be denied for future clinical assignments.
  • We do not accept cold-calling or any form of impersonal approach by students to solicit IU Health preceptors.

For questions please contact us at:

Email: OCE@iuhealth.org

Phone: 317-962-5048 or toll free: 844-384-0064

Thank you for considering IU Health for your clinical education.

Contact Office of Clinical Education

  • Location: IU Health Methodist Hospital

  • Phone: 317-962-5048, toll free: 844-384-0064

  • Email: OCE@iuhealth.org