IU Health Office of Clinical Education

The Office of Clinical Education (OCE) is a system-wide office within Academic Affairs that serves to facilitate the coordination of clinical preceptorships of advanced practice provider (APP) students who are seeking clinical experiences within all of Indiana University Health facilities and clinics statewide.

A core mission of IU Health is to provide excellence in education, as an academic healthcare system, by supporting learners within our organization and within our communities.

OCE utilizes an interactive database which allows APP students to apply for clinical experiences with IU Health providers. Students can also upload a resume, syllabus, and other documents to complement their student profile and enhance their prospects for clinical placement during the selection process.

Students who are selected by preceptors for clinical experiences will be required to complete online modules that must be completed before IU Health can provide students access to the information systems as part of onboarding. OCE’s process also includes ensuring that educational affiliation agreements are in place between the IU Health clinical site and the educational institution. Please visit the Educational Affiliation Agreement site for more information about additional student requirements prior to starting clinical experiences.

APP Student Application Process:

Follow the steps outline below:

1. Register to create your student OCE account. Register and create only one account (but you can include multiple emails into that one account). Creating multiple accounts can lead to account issues. It may take 1-2 business days for the registration to be processed.

2. Complete your student profile. The APP Student Manual should aid you in completing this process. Incomplete profiles can lead to account issues.

3. Submit application an each semester as needed. The student may submit multiple applications per semester for the different clinical experience types needed during the same term (i.e., 100 hrs. family medicine, 100 hrs. women’s health, and 100 hrs. pediatrics = 300 clinical hours needed for the semester).

4. Timelines are set according to the semester breakdown as shown below. Student application, preceptor selection and notification have set deadlines. Do not miss the application deadline. 
Students who have a different semester breakdown can refer to the pages in the APP Student Manual on how to adjust their application.

1. Semester
2. Students 
3. Preceptors Select
4. Students Are
(Starts May - Ends Jul)
Dec 1 - Feb 1 Feb 1 - Mar 1 March 15
(Starts Aug - Ends Dec)
Mar 1 - Apr 1 Apr 1 - May 1 May 15
(Starts Jan - Ends Apr)
July 1 - Sep 1 Sep 1 - Oct 1 Oct 15

Column breakdown of table above:

Column 1. Semester breakdown - dates shown are defined by OCE’s database. Students who have a different semester breakdown will need to adjust their request for clinical hours to match OCE’s.

Column 2. Students apply - dates when the portal is open for students to enter an application for the upcoming semester.

Column 3. Preceptors select students - dates when preceptors select the students to precept. During this time, OCE is also looking for preceptors to take students.

This is a waiting period for students. 

Students are urged to avoid all types of preceptor solicitations (e.g., cold-calls, email solicitations, office walk-ins, and walking up to providers they do not know). IU Health strongly discourages preceptor solicitations and is a condition of the agreement with schools.

Column 4. Students are notified - dates when students can expect an email from OCE notifying them if there is a preceptor for their clinical. 

OCE does not provide early notification to individual students. Students from schools with a different semester schedule or deadline as OCE will need to communicate with their school’s coordinator where they are in OCE’s process and arrange any adjustments needed to their planned clinical schedule.

                 Reference the Map Below to Select the Correct Clinical Region
Central Metro | Arnett (WCR) | Ball Memorial (ECR) | Bloomington (SCR) | Fort Wayne (NER)
Map with site listing

Be advised that applying in OCE’s database does not guarantee placement with an IU Health preceptor.

If the student is not matched with an IU Health preceptor, the student may look for a preceptor outside of IU Health. Notify OCE immediately by withdrawing a pending application in the database.

Students who no longer need the clinical preceptorship that has been arranged for them should notify OCE immediately so that another student can benefit by gaining a preceptor.

Students who make arrangements outside of this process, neglect to keep application information accurate, or decline a preceptor match arranged by OCE is at risk of being denied future clinical placement.


Contact Office of Clinical Education

  • Location: IU Health Methodist Hospital

  • Phone: 317-962-5048, toll free: 844-384-0064

  • Email: OCE@iuhealth.org