To aid in the use of the RQI program and the stations we have put together some resources and videos to help you on your RQI journey.

NRP Cart Locations

For a complete list of NRP cart locations at IU Health, Click on the link below.

Introducing RQI® for NRP®

The NRP 8th Edition now offers the innovative Resuscitation Quality Improvement® (RQI®) learning method through RQI for NRP.

Each quarter, in a low-dose, high-frequency model, cognitive and skills sessions assess learner’s recall, application, and practice of the NRP algorithm, positive pressure ventilation, and MR. SOPA.

Skills are performed at the RQI for NRP Simulation Station on-site. Cognitive activities feature True Adaptive learning, which adjusts to each learners’ knowledge and confidence in real-time.

We know that rapid delivery of high-quality CPR is each patient’s last chance for survival – and the delivery of poor-quality CPR a preventable harm. But, in the current healthcare environment, Cardiac Arrest survival rates average less than 26%. Furthermore, there is a 42% difference in the odds of survival for patients at similar hospitals with a similar case mix. It’s clear that not all patients are receiving the high-quality CPR they need to survive. The evidence shows that CPR skills performance decays within three to six months following conventional training, which means the existing two-year educational regimen can fall short of competency shortly after receiving training. Despite the efforts of highly trained, motivated healthcare professionals across the country, patients are receiving poor-quality CPR more than 50% of the time. Lives are being lost because High-Quality CPR competence is lacking.

Core Concepts of Mastery Learning for the New Standard of Care