April 2017


Medical Malpractice Act Law Update

Did You Miss the IU Health News Hub Article "‘Heart-In-A-Box’ Keeps Organ Beating, Pumping Blood Outside Body"?

In the world of heart transplants, the ‘heart-in-a-box’ is a game changer and Dr. Wang, a cardiovascular surgeon, and IU Health are currently at the center of U.S. clinical trials for the device. Click here for the full article.


Policy Changes: IU Health ADM 1.16-Admission Status

Overview of changes and additions to ADM 1.16-Admission Status:


  • Clinical reviews are no longer completed thru the use of Interqual (IQ). IU Health is now using MCG (Milliman Care Guidelines) and is consistent with the majority of Insurance payers
  • Further explanation is offered regarding amending Medicare patient status orders
  • The definition surrounding Observation was changed from 1 day to 24-48 hours 
  • Change in the verbiage of Case Management to Utilization Management – Utilization Management and the UM activities are now part of RCS


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