December 2017

Selecting the Correct Date of Service for Specific Services for Physicians and Practitioners

Physicians and non-physician practitioners need to identify the correct date of service for claims.  Most services, with some exceptions, must be billed reflecting the exact date they were performed.  In the November eCompliance newsletter there are some date of service rules for specific services that are routinely subject to error as reported by IU Health’s Medicare Administrative Contractor, WPS.  Click here to read more in the November IU Health Corporate Compliance eCompliance Newsletter.

FDA Warns Biotin May Interfere with Lab Results

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning health care providers that biotin, also known as vitamin B7, can significantly interfere with certain lab tests, resulting in incorrect results that may go undetected. Used in hormone tests and tests for certain cardiac health markers such as troponin due to its ability to bond with specific proteins, biotin is also frequently found in multi-vitamins, prenatal vitamins and dietary supplements marketed for hair, nail and skin growth. FDA states that biotin in blood and other samples taken from patients who are ingesting high levels of the substance in dietary supplements can cause “significantly incorrect” test results, both falsely high and falsely low, depending on the test. The agency warns that it has seen an increase in the number of reported adverse events related to biotin interference with lab tests. FDA urges providers to talk to patients about any biotin supplements that may be taking and communicate to the lab conducting testing if a patient is taking biotin. For more, see the FDA Safety Communication. 


For Health Care Providers:

  • Talk to your patients about any biotin supplements they may be taking, including supplements marketed for hair, skin, and nail growth.
  • Be aware that many lab tests, including but not limited to cardiovascular diagnostic tests and hormone tests, that use biotin technology are potentially affected, and incorrect test results may be generated if there is biotin in the patient’s specimen.
  • Communicate to the lab conducting the testing if your patient is taking biotin.
  • If a lab test result doesn’t match the clinical presentation of your patient, consider biotin interference as a possible source of error.
  • Know that biotin is found in multivitamins, including prenatal multivitamins, biotin supplements, and dietary supplements for hair, skin, and nail growth in levels that may interfere with lab tests.
  • Report to the lab test manufacturer and the FDA if you become aware of a patient experiencing an adverse event following potentially incorrect laboratory test results due to biotin interference.

Participate in Dec. 4 United Against the Flu Twitter chat

AHA News Now

As part of National Influenza Vaccination Week, the AHA will host a United Against the Flu Twitter chat Dec. 4 from 11 a.m.-noon ET. Jay Bhatt, D.O., AHA senior vice president and chief medical officer, an expert from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other flu campaign partners will answer questions about the flu and vaccinations. Join in by following @ahahospitals and using the hashtags #UnitedAgainstFlu and #NIVW2017. For more on the United Against the Flu campaign, visit


HANDS in Autism - Developmental Milestones

Parents often depend upon their medical professional to check on and guide them through the developmental stages their child should be obtaining.  As their first contact for these milestones, early intervention is key if there are any "red flags" or concerns regarding the achievement of developmental milestones. To support your practices and discussions as a professional, consider the following resources:

Download the HANDS in Autism® Screening Poster and/or Screening Poster Checklist . Both screening visuals help provide parent-friendly reflections on developmental milestones that are or are not occurring and may serve as "red flags" in early detection of ASD or developmental delays. These screening posters are available for download or can be requested via email at or phone at 317-274-2675. 

For questions or to access additional resources for families and caregivers, check out the HANDS in Autism® website or email

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