February 2018

CLABSI Rate Cut in Half


The Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued a report with findings of a  50% decrease in CLABSI since 2008.  Click here for the full report.

Preceptors: NP & PA Students Application Process Change


The Office of Clinical Education has launched a new application process for NP students, effective immediately.

Our registration and assignment website have been utilized for over a year, and we have incorporated enhanced features to enrich the student profiles as well as create access for leaders to review students’ applications and upcoming assignments. In the next month, we will be launching a preceptor portal in which individual providers can log in to our site to review student applications and select students for the upcoming semester (2-3 months in advance). Further communication will be coming for preceptors’ access.

Today, your practice managers, team leads, and administrators have been given this type of access. They too can help in the student selection process to arrange assignments for the given semester. Please contact Laura Schlensker (lschlens@iuhealth.org) if your practice leader does not have access or would like additional instruction.

Below is the timeline for student application and the period for preceptors and managers to arrange assignments:

The benefits of following an application process and timeline are the following:

  • Decrease in cold-calling and ease of referring to our application process/timeline
  • Practice leaders and preceptors can proactively select students from a larger pool of candidates and can review applications and student resume’s in their own time
  • Practice leaders can be proactive in succession planning
  • Students have more transparency in the process and a clear timeline to be notified of acceptance
  • IU Health as a system can be intentionally selective of students for clinical education while allowing for the individual pipeline needs of the regions and clinical sites

Last, the deadline of Jan. 1st for students and preceptors to reporting pre-arranged assignments has passed, however, practice managers and preceptors (once implemented) will be able to log in and select a student during the timeline above. Students must have submitted an application during the application period. You may refer students to oce@iuhealth.org for registration and application instructions, or any other questions.


We also offer a Preceptor Toolkit which contains a summary of evidence-based methods for teaching at the bedside, preceptor success stories and tips, student expectations as well as contact information for further assistance or questions about being a preceptor.


Office of Clinical Education

Indiana University Health

Laura Schlensker, Program Manager

Darlene Bumpus, Project Manager

Robin Trittipo, Project Manager

Phone: 317.962.5048

Toll free: 844.384.0064


2018 Fairbanks Ethics Lecture Series

The Charles Warren Fairbanks Center for Medical Ethics has provided the Fairbanks Ethics Lecture Series since 2005 as an educational outreach to physicians and staff of Indiana University Health hospitals and interested others in the central Indiana community.  Lectures are free, open to all, and do not require pre-registration.  Continuing education credit is offered to physicians, nurses, social workers, and chaplains at no charge, regardless of their institutional affiliation.

Click here for more event details



Date: Wednesday, February 7th

Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm

Location: Petticrew Auditorium (Methodist Hospital)

Speaker: Emily Beckman

This lecture will feature Ethics & Humanities


Atrial Fibrillation Stroke Risk Assessment

CHADS2-VASc scores should be reassessed for every admission for patients in Atrial Fibrillation or have a known history of Atrial Fibrillation. Click here to review information regarding tools and accreditation standards for documentation.


Physician Education Express - Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative at IU Health Methodist

BFHI global program was launched by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF. BFHI assists hospitals with providing mothers with information to initiate/continue breastfeeding or feed formula safely. Unsupportive practices during the perinatal period can disrupt the unique and critical link between the prenatal education and the postpartum support after discharge. IU Health Methodist hospital is initiating these practices.  Click here for more information.

Physician Education Express - Changes in Cerner Pediatric Blood Order Sets

Cerner Pediatric Blood Order-Set changes will be based on age and weight.  All order sets will reflect current recommendations, as well as guidelines for product modifications (i.e. CMV-, irradiated, etc.).  Newborn Profile and Type & Screen (T&S) will be age dynamic.  Click here for more info.

President's Administration Extends Opioid Emergency Declaration

In October, President Trump declared the opioid epidemic a national public health emergency.  The original order set to only last for 90 days was extended for another 90 days effective January 24, 2018.  In November, a commission issued a 131 page document “The President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis” providing recommendations ranging from protecting first responders, addiction services, response to overdose, recovery services, reimbursement for pain services, prevention and practices.  Some highlighted areas impacting providers are below.

Commission Recommendations:

  • Development of a national curriculum and standard of care for opioid prescribers
  • Develop a model training program to disseminate all levels of medical education on screening for substance use and mental health status
  • Allow the DEA to require prescribers desiring to be relicensed to prescribe opioids show participating in an approved continuing medical education program on opioid prescribing
  • Train pharmacists on best practices to evaluate legitimacy of opioid prescriptions
  • Increase electronic prescribing to prevent diversion and forgery

Click here for the full report.

The American Hospital Association (AHA) Physician Alliance

The American Hospital Association (AHA) developed a new Physician Alliance aimed at provider resources, services and experiences framed on three fundamental values:  LEAD WELL.  BE WELL. CARE WELL.  This Alliance network is available to all physicians in an AHA-member institution.  Click here for more information.


CME Opportunities at IU Health Arnett


WHEN:  February 28, 2018 from 12:00-1:00pm

WHERE:  IU Health Arnett Hospital Room AG410

TOPIC:  Multicultural Competence 101

PRESENTER:  Mary Guerriero Austrom, PhD, Director - Faculty Development Department of Psychiatry IU School of Medicine

Click Here for more info.

American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Visiting Scholars Program Upcoming Webinar and Application Process

The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Visiting Scholars Program is a one-year, part-time program that provides early career physicians and others with relevant advanced degrees with exposure to the fields of:

• Physician assessment and continuing professional development

• Quality improvement (QI)

• Regulatory policy, assessment, and the performance improvement work of ABMS and Member Boards

• Health services research and scholarship in areas that improve patient care, quality, and physician performance Visiting Scholars conduct research that is relevant to Board Certification and Continuing Certification, in collaboration with mentors from their institution and liaisons from ABMS and its Member Boards.

Through their research and program engagement, scholars help inform the fields of professional development, physician self-regulation, and quality improvement. Scholars participate in the program remotely, remaining at their home institutions and organizations and attending three in-person meetings during the year.

 Click here for more info

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