June 2018

Medicare Learning Management System (LMS) Training Opportunities for CEUs

Description:  This stand-alone CEU offering is course 1 of 2 in the Module 1 - Understanding Medicare [CEU] series. It explains enrollment and eligibility for Medicare program, the roles and responsibilities of the agencies responsible for Medicare, cost and coverage under Part A and B, and why enrolling on time is important. The second course in this series Module 1 - Understanding Medicare [CEU] series course 2 of 2.

When: June 19, 2018; 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m ET

Description:  This stand-alone CEU offering is course 2 of 2 in the Module 1 - Understanding Medicare [CEU] series. It explains Extra Help, the types of Medicare Advantage (Part C) Plans and when you can switch plans, how coordination of benefits work, the Special Enrollment Period, and actions that can help reduce waste, fraud, and abuse. The first course in this series is Module 1 - Understanding Medicare [CEU] Course 1 of 2.

When: June 20, 2018; 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m ET


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ISDH Health Alert Notification - Tick-borne Diseases in Indiana

In 2017, the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) reported over 250 cases of tick-borne disease, including a pediatric fatality due to Rocky Mountain spotted fever. ISDH entomologists have already collected live ticks in Indiana in 2018. This advisory provides information on the clinical presentation, diagnosis, and treatment of common tick-borne diseases in Indiana, along with some additional recommendations.  Click here for more information.

Indiana Hospital Associations Opioid Best Practice Webinar Series



IHA’s webinar series on hospital opioid best practices continued May 28th with two hospital features: Unity Medical & Surgical Hospital shared how their clinical and IT teams collaborated to create real-time prescribing dashboards and Fayette Regional Health System highlighted the work of their North Star Recovery team. Listen to recordings of the series and register for the June 12 Community Engagement webinar.  Click here to register.


Indiana Medical Error Reporting Systems (MERS)

What: Indiana’s Medical Error Reporting System requires that hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, abortion clinics, and birthing centers report a serious adverse event that occurs within that facility. Indiana’s medical error reporting system is based on the National Quality Forum’s twenty-eight (28) serious reportable events. The National Quality Forum selected those consensus standards to represent a wide range of healthcare issues.

Why: On January 11, 2005, Indiana’s Governor issued an Executive Order requiring the Indiana State Department of Health to develop and implement a medical error reporting system.  The purpose of the reporting system was to obtain data that could be used towards reducing the frequency of medical errors, revealing the causes of medical errors, and empowering healthcare professionals to design methods to prevent or discover errors before patients are harmed.

Medical errors generally are not the sole result of actions of individuals but rather the failure of the systems and processes used in providing healthcare.  The Indiana Medical Error Reporting System reports are available online, on the Indiana State Department of Health Web site, on the Medical Error Reporting System home page at www.in.gov/isdh/23433.htm.

Need to report a situation involving the safety of a patient or visitor?  Fill out an incident report via the MyIUHealth team portal (https://team.myiuhealth.org/) or call IU Health Risk Management – available 24/7/365. A committee will decide if the incident qualifies to be a state reportable event.  Click here for more information.

CDC Alerts Clinicians to Bleeding Associated with Synthetic Cannabinoids


On April 5, 2018, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a clinical action alert to providers warning of an outbreak alert related to potential life-threatening vitamin K-dependent antagonist coagulopathy associated with synthetic cannabinoids use.  From March 10th through April 5th 2018, 94 people presented in emergency departments (two of those were in Indiana) with unexplained bleeding.  Click here to view the full Clinical Action Alert.

American Medical Assocation (AMA) Annual Conference - June 7th-11th in Chicago

WHEN:  June 7-11, 2018

WHERE:  Hyatt Regency Chicaco, Illinois

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UpToDate® is Available for Providers

Indiana University Health has a subscription to UpToDate, an evidence-based, physician-authored clinical decision support resource that will help answer many of your questions throughout the day.

One recent study has shown that using UpToDate has led to changes in investigations, diagnosis, or management 37% of the time, supporting the premise that UpToDate has measurable benefits and positively impacts patient outcomes.1 You will find that our clinicians trust UpToDate, and that the information will be invaluable to you.

UpToDate includes:

  • Evidence-based medical content that is researched, created, and continually updated by over 6,700 leading physicians
  • Summaries and actionable treatment recommendations for over 11,000 topics in 25 specialties
  • “Practice Changing UpDates” highlighting critical research that changes how you treat patients today
  • “What’s New” summaries of important new findings by specialty
  • Over 465,500 references, with links to the full-text articles where our subscriptions permit
  • Medical calculators
  • Patient information covering over 1,500 topics
  • A select drug database of more than 6,000 unique drug entries (in partnership with Lexicomp®) including adult, pediatric, and international drugs and a drug interactions tool that provides graded adverse reaction information between drug-to-drug and drug-to-herb interactions.

We are pleased to provide you with access to UpToDate as part of our continuing effort to improve patient care.

Short video tutorials to help you get started with UpToDate can be found on the UpToDate website, at www.uptodate.com/home/help-demo.

We encourage you to access this valuable resource and to utilize it regularly as part of our continuous effort to improve patient care!

  1. Phua J, MBBS, MRCP, See KC, MBBS, MRCP, Khalizah HJ, MBChB Manc, MRCP, Low SP, MBBS, MRCP, Lim TK, MBBS, FRCPE. Utility of the electronic information resource UpToDate for clinical decision-making at bedside rounds. Singapore Med J 2012; 53(2): 116-120.


Click here to access our Registration Guide and click here to review how to access UpToDate® Anywhere in Cerner.

Uplift Updates and New Cerner Training Content from Dr. Emily Webber

More and more people are using the new workflow and templates for DynDoc, in April 20% (1 in 5) notes were utilizing the new tools.  A reminder that on average DynDoc users are reducing their documentation time – but that efficiency gain does require some DynDoc know-how.

New training content

A full curriculum of video vignettes detailing best use of tools like autotext, Message Center, Dynamic Documentation and more is now available. 

The videos are now posted on the internal IU Health website for physician education, make sure you log-in to get credit for watching.

From the IU Health Center for Physician Education home page select Education Portal:

 Or go to this link directly and log in:  https://iuhealthcpe.org/education_portal/course/cerner-2018

Uplifts projects in progress

  • CORE (first Uplift project, basic workflow):
    • Pediatric surgery, pediatric critical care
    • Adult surgery, nephrology, cardiology, dermatology
  • MORE (second Uplift project, additional specialty content):
    • Pediatric Hospital Medicine, pediatric pulmonary and allergy
    • Adult Hospital Medicine
  • Continuous Improvement (ongoing): NICU, ED, pediatric and adult primary care
  • Nursing and pharmacy

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