October 2021

Complete your Respectful Workplace training

IU Health team members are slightly behind the curve in reaching the goal to complete the “Respectful Workplace: A Civil and Respectful Workplace” by the end of the year.

The helpful training module, "Respectful Workplace: A Civil and Respectful Workplace,” outlines the behaviors that help develop a healthier work culture. It is available for providers via their Center for Physician Education curriculum.

The first portion of the training includes self-paced learning and videos. Then you'll be asked to review a discussion guide, which will help you prepare for a leader-led conversation with your team about what you all have learned.

Be sure to complete the training as soon as you can, so you are prepared for your team discussion, which will be held before the end of the year.

This training is in place to help create a healthier organizational culture that reflects IU Health’s vision, values and promise. This training is the beginning of an ongoing curriculum to help the system learn and practice civility, inclusiveness and anti-racism.

Goals of Care Video Series - 1 CME


Clinical Staff do not routinely conduct or document goals of care conversations or facilitate advance care plans. By providing a standardized document with prompts based on academic and clinical expertise we hope to improve patient centered care and eventually improve hospital metrics such as LOS/Readmissions and mortality. This video series teaches clinicians about the tools on GOC using a standardized note to facilitate a meaningful and directed GOC conversation that can be used across all settings both inpatient and in the community by clinical staff and is also easily located for staff to review with existing advance directives.

Log in to view this informative CME approved video series worth 1 AMA PRA Category Credit.


Riley Maternity Transfer on Sunday, Nov. 7

IU Health adult academic health center team members will transport 60 – 90 mothers and babies from IU Health Methodist Hospital to the new IU Health Riley Children’s Health Maternity Tower on Sunday, Nov. 7. The transport of these patients will impact Methodist Hospital team members and visitors and is expected to run from 6 am – 8 pm. Mothers will be transported via ambulance to Riley Children’s Health from the Noyes entrance of Methodist Hospital. Equipment will also be moved from Methodist Hospital, exiting via the Medical Professional Center doorways.

Several full and partial hallway closures may impact traffic flow and wayfinding for team members and guests at Methodist Hospital.

Please take note of the following impacts to occur on Nov. 7.

  • Team members should proceed with caution through Main Street, Professional Avenue and the rotunda near Copper Moon Coffee as patients and equipment will be moving throughout the day.
  • Team members and visitors can expect to see large privacy curtains hung in the rotunda to protect patient privacy. Volunteers will be staffing this area to monitor the flow of traffic.
  • Copper Moon Coffee will be closed on Sunday, Nov. 7 and will reopen on Monday, Nov. 8.
  • Central Avenue will be closed to all visitors and team members.
  • The Noyes entrance will be closed to all visitors and team members, including the back entrance to the Noyes lobby.
  • The Medical Professional Center Entrance (1801 Senate Ave.) will be closed to all visitors and team members.
  • Street parking outside the Noyes and Medical Professional Center entrances will be closed to team members, Meals on Wheels volunteers and external visitors.
  • One of the Palm Tree staff elevators servicing the East Building will be closed for the transfer. A facilities team member will be running the elevator and it will only be used for the maternity transfer.  
  • The gift shop, chapel and cafeteria will remain open during this time.


What to do if a pregnant patient presents to Methodist or University Hospitals on or after Sunday, Nov. 7.

Methodist Hospital:

A pregnant patient arriving at Methodist Hospital should be directed to the Methodist Hospital Emergency Department. Immediate patient concerns will be addressed by the ED team.

University Hospital:

If a pregnant patient arrives at University Hospital, team members should call rapid response. Patients will be transported via ambulance to the Riley OB Emergency Room.


Training and Resources

Resources and computer-based training modules are located on the Center for Physician and Advanced Provider website, https://iuhealthcpe.org/, and are assigned based upon the provider’s role within the tower.  Please complete the appropriate training based upon the following guidelines:

Tier 1 Training: Specialists and Consults that will infrequently work in the Maternity Tower

Tier 2 Training: Providers working in the Maternity Tower full time, a certain period of time, or throughout a rotation.

The direct links to the training are as follows:

Tier 1 - https://iuhealthcpe.org/education_portal/course/riley-maternity-tower

Tier 2 - https://iuhealthcpe.org/education_portal/course/riley-maternity-tower-tier-2

Immunization Component being added to Neurology Workflow - November 2

Immunization component is being added to the Neurology Workflow Mpages. For more information please refer to Immunizations Component with Immunization Forecaster.

Why:   To allow providers using the Neurology view to review the immunization record and update it as appropriate.

Cerner Rule Change for Tobacco - November 15

Current state, "Health Effects of Smoking IUH (Custom)" education, "Tobacco Use" Diagnosis (Z72.0) and "Smoker" Problem (128130017 SNOMED) are added to patients who have newly added "Tobacco Use" Documentation completed in Dependent Habits on Outpatient encounters and in Social History on Inpatient, Outpatient & ED encounters.

This will be updated to add a new evidenced based education document called "IUH - Guide to Quitting Tobacco (Custom)" in place of the "Health Effects of Smoking IUH", and "Tobacco Use"  will be both a diagnosis and a problem (Z72.0 and 489482013 SNOMED).  If the patient had the "Smoker" problem previously added, that problem will be marked resolved.

In addition, "IUH - Understanding E-cigs and Vaping (Custom)" education will be added to patients who have documented E-Cig/Vaping Use in Social History.

Please note: Education is only added when new documentation is added, education is not added when existing charting is ‘Marked as Reviewed’.

Why:   New evidence based education documents have been created for Adult and Pediatric Tobacco and E-cigarette/Vaping advice.  Also the diagnosis and problems that are added are being updated to be more general Tobacco Use and Electronic Cigarette Use codes.

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