November 2021

Learning modules strengthen DE&I commitments

Recently you have seen several reminders to complete the first in a series of learning modules that support our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) commitment to become an inclusive, diverse and anti-discriminatory organization. This module, Civil and Respectful Workplace, is to be finished by Friday, Dec. 31. In addition, we have just launched a second module, Mitigating Cognitive Bias, which needs to be completed by February.

These learning modules, as well as future ones, are intended to help all team members understand how to work together and avoid the kinds of unconscious bias that can lead to misunderstandings and reinforce hurtful prejudices. The modules are short and easy to follow and designed to provoke discussion and conversation among your teams.

Your involvement in this education is part of our comprehensive set of commitments to make IU Health a diverse organization, where differences are respected and valued, and where people from a wide range of backgrounds, talents and perspectives come together to equitably improve the health of all Hoosiers.

To strengthen your engagement in this goal, it is helpful to understand how these learning modules fit into our overall DE&I program. As you know from my previous messages and other DE&I-related communications, our DE&I commitment is divided into three different but related domains—interpersonal, institutional and societal.

Over the past six months, we’ve made progress in each of these domains. You can find more detail on our website here and on the team portal here.

We know we have a long way to go in meeting the commitments we made to make IU Health a truly diverse and inclusive organization, one that celebrates and embraces individual differences and is unwavering in its support of justice and equal opportunity for all people. I hope these initial steps toward making progress encourage you to make a personal commitment to help create an even more welcoming and inclusive health system.

Dennis Murphy
Dennis Murphy
IU Health President and CEO

Update in Indiana Parental Consent Law

Indiana law regarding who can provide medical consent for a minor defines “parent” as one who has legal custody of a child. If one parent has been given sole legal custody of the child, that is the only parent who can consent to medical treatment for that child. While the other parent may have visitation time with the child, if they do not have either joint or sole legal custody of the child, they cannot consent to the child’s medical treatment.

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Order IV Transition to SubQ Insulin (Rolling Go-Live)

What: This document reviews the two ordering methods for Subcutaneous (SubQ) insulin via the: Core Diabetes Application (CDA) Advanced Ordering Worksheet tool, and Core Diabetes App – SubQ PowerPlans. Changes made from the GlucoStabilizer PowerPlan are also included.

Why:   The CDA Application is a Cerner-Integrated Insulin-Management solution that will soon be used for Insulin management across the IU Health system (except for Union and Riley). CDA offers workflows for IV Insulin-Management and SubQ Insulin-Management, with OB versions of both.


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Stanson Blood Transfusion Alert

A Stanson Blood Transfusion alert is being added when a physician is ordering Packed Red Blood Cells if the patient's Hemoglobin is between 7 - 8 g/dL.

Why:   To prompt physicians to ‘pause’ during the ordering process, due to a critical blood shortage.

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Smoking Cessation Coding Update

Current state, "Health Effects of Smoking IUH (Custom)" education, "Tobacco Use" Diagnosis (Z72.0) and "Smoker" Problem (128130017 SNOMED) are added to patients who have newly added "Tobacco Use" documentation completed in Dependent Habits on Outpatient encounters and in Social History on Inpatient, Outpatient & ED encounters. 

This will be updated to add a new evidenced based education document called "IUH - Guide to Quitting Tobacco (Custom)" in place of the "Health Effects of Smoking IUH."  As well, "Tobacco Use"  will be added as a problem only (489482013 SNOMED).  If the patient had the "Smoker" problem previously added, that problem will be marked resolved.

In addition, "IUH - Understanding E-cigs and Vaping (Custom)" education and the "Electronic cigarette use" problem (3332504019 SNOMED) will be added to patients who have documented E-Cig/Vaping Use in Social History.

Please note: Education is only added when new documentation is added, education is not added when existing charting is ‘Marked as Reviewed’.

Why:   New evidence based education documents have been created for Adult and Pediatric Tobacco and E-cigarette/Vaping advice.  Also the problems that are added are being updated to be more general Tobacco Use and Electronic Cigarette Use codes.

CME Learning Events Upcoming

All events can be found by going to 

12/07, 7:50am-9:00am

Riley Coffee Talk - Fetal MRI

CME Credit: 0.5

12/08, 11:30am-1:15pm

Promise Dashboard CME Event

CME Credit: 0.5

12/09, 11:30am-1:00pm

IU Health CME Virtual Learning Event - Candida auris, an emerging fungal pathogen everything you want to know

Presented By: Lana Dbeibo, MD
CME Credit: 0.5

12/14, 11:30am-1:00pm

IU Health CME Virtual Learning Event - Lifeline

Presented By: Shawn Remick and Cory Hall
CME Credit: 0.5

12/15, 12:00pm-1:00pm

IU Health CME Virtual Learning Event

CME Credit: 1

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