April 2023

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Wed, April 26th - Peripheral Vascular Disease

Sabah Butty, MD

Fri, April 28th - Human Trafficking in Healthcare

Christina Wicks, CYC-P

Indiana Trafficking Victims Assistance Program & Indiana Youth Services

Wed, May 3rd - AAHC CLABSI Prevention

Cole Beeler, MD and Lana Dbeibo, MD

Tues, May 9th - Active Shooter/Active Aggressor Response Training

Tim Huser, Safety & Security

Wed, May 10th - Knowing the Signs of Child Abuse & Neglect with a focus on Sexual Abuse & Human Trafficking

Ethan Boring and Kristen Bryson, both Deputy Directors with the Child Abuse Hotline

Mon, May 22nd - Pharmacology Side of Precision Geonomics

Emma Monique Tillman, PharmD, PhD

Wed, May 31st - Lifeline Program

with Thomas Lardaro, MD


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 Medication Access and Training Expansion Act

  • We are aware of the recent Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023, that enacted a new one-time eight-hour training requirement for all Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)-registered practitioners on the treatment and management of patients with opioid or other substance abuse disorders as part of the MATE Act. We are currently working with the IU Health Quality and Patient Safety Team to assist our practitioners with efficient ways to meet these new training requirements that begin June 27. More information and details about utilizing existing and new CMEs will be coming very soon.

Learn more about the Medication Access and Training Expansion (MATE) Act here.


MS Authenticator replacing Duo at IU Health

  • Microsoft (MS) Authenticator will replace DUO as the multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution for IU Health applications. This will be a phased implementation. IU Health partner organizations (e.g., IU School of Medicine, Eskenazi) will continue to use DUO MFA for their applications. Keep both DUO and MS Authenticator on your mobile device until you receive communications that all IU Health applications have transitioned to MS Authenticator.

For registration assistance   

  • All documents including Frequently Asked Questions are available on the Microsoft Authenticator MFA SharePoint Site.
  • A command center is available by calling the Service Desk at 317.962.2828 and selecting option 5 through July 1.

Informatics & Information Services team members will be rounding to provide at-the-elbow support as team members make the change.


Clinical Council Updates



    • Radiation Oncology Council
      • ClearCheck: ClearCheck software which will provide more comprehensive evaluations of radiation therapy treatment plans.  ClearCheck is an automated plan check software that ensures the highest quality treatment plans, helping clinics save time with in-depth plan comparisons and instant documentation, while reducing potential errors. Additionally, its tools assist in accreditation compliance (ACR) improvements for the clinic. The ECR will pilot the use of ClearCheck before consideration towards system-wide adoption. 
    • Surgical/Anesthesiology – 
      • IU Health currently uses disposable laryngoscope handles and blades throughout the system. There is a system-wide cost-savings opportunity of $90K with conversion to the Teleflex Rusch Polaris Laryngoscope Blade and Rusch DispoLED Disposable Laryngoscope Handle (product brochures attached).
        • The Anesthesia CEC recommends site trials at all hospitals, to be arranged between the Teleflex representatives and the OR Coordinators and/or OR Managers. Teleflex representatives will initiate contact on or after April 21st.  Site trials in the Main OR setting will start as early as April 24th and take place through early May. All users will be asked to complete the IU Health Product Evaluation Form (linked below). The form responses will be compiled and presented to the Anesthesia CEC on May 8th.
        • SBAR-Teleflex LaryngoscopeTrial_Anesthesiology
    • NICU - 
      • Donor Milk Orders and AgreementThe council reviewed proposed changes to the Donor Milk Orders and Agreement. The council approved the new Donor Milk Orders and Agreement with the change in language to “Donor Milk Consent Obtained” to the orders.
      • Alprostadil – Neonate Care Set:  The council voted for a power plan to be added for Alprostadil with the inclusion that states “not recommended in patients weighing < 1 kg”. The council approved the request to create a sub-phase for Alprostadil.
      • Philips Patient Monitor Clinical Standard: The council reviewed the recommendations of the small group for standardization of monitors throughout the NICU and approved the recommended Phillips monitors.  The monitors do not need to be replaced immediately, but when the end of life of current monitors come or new buildouts, these will be Phillips monitors best fit for various NICU’s: MX550 in level I and II NICU’s and MX750 in level III and IV NICU’s. The council approved the recommended Philips Monitors within the NICU

Understanding Head and Neck Cancers


April is Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Month, a time to bring awareness to these conditions. Click here to read more.


How AI can help sustain health systems


Everyone is talking artificial intelligence at HIMSS23. AI truly is a ground-breaking technology for healthcare. Click Here to read more.

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