May 2023

Fix for Cerner Patient List Printing Issue

Message from Jason Schaffer, MD, CMIO


We had a very successful major code upgrade this weekend. In the past, where we had hours of downtime and many critical issues, this weekend, we had zero critical issues and zero downtime. 

However, there is a new patient list print procedure that needs reset once for each provider that uses this function. It was an unexpected change. Click here for instructions to fix issue.




Upcoming CME Events

IU Health CME Events


Link for all virtual events:


Mon, May 22nd - Pharmacogeonomics at Indiana University Health

Emma Monique Tillman, PharmD, PhD

Tues, May 23rd - Vascular Access Devices and CLABSI

Ritika Zijoo, MD, MPH, David E. Hunt, BSN, MSN, VA-BC, CRNI & Heather Beane, MSN, RN

Wed, May 31st - Lifeline Program

Thomas Lardaro, MD

Fri, June 2nd - Indiana Advanced Directives Update

Robyn Axel-Adams, M.S., M.Div., BCC and Anjanette Radford, MBA, BSN, CPHRM

Fri, June 2nd - Memory University - Long Haulers: Cognitive Symptoms after COVID-19 1:00p-2:00p

Sophia Wang, MD

Tues, June 6th - IUHP Primary Care Dinner CME Event at Fairbank Hall - Pediatric Medication Management for Anxiety and Other Behavioral Health Diagnoses 7p-8p

Rachel B. Yoder, MD

Wed, June 7th - Involuntary Movement Disorders Associated with Antipsychotic Medications  (In Person)

Beth Murray, Ph.D, RN, CNS, IU School of Nursing, Bloomington

Fri, June 9th - Memory University - Caregiver Needs Across Ethnic Groups 1:00p-2:00p

Miriam Rodriguez, PhD

Mon, June 12th - Conversations with Riley Cardiology - Cardiomyopathy/Heart Failure

Sarah S. Bosslet, MD & Megan Wilde, MD

Tues, June 13th - Hospital at Home Program

Blaine Takesue, MD & Elyse Thorne, NP

Wed, June 14th - Care Guidelines & Emergency Management of Patients with Sickle Cell Disease

Brandon Hardesty, MD, Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center

Fri, June 16th - CMIO Quartly Broadcast 7:15a-8:00a

Jason Schaffer, MD, CMIO & Emily Webber, MD, CMIO

Fri, June 16th - Memory University - Update and Future Directions for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease 12:45p-2:00p

Jared R. Brosch, MD

Wed, June 21st - The DETECT Initiative in Early Alzheimer's Disease

Guilo Maria Pasinetti, MD, Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai New York

Thurs, June 22nd - Riley Maternity and Newborn Health Perinatal Webinar Series - "NOWS"

Patrick W. Clements, MD

Fri, June 23rd - Memory University - Blood-Based Tests to aid in an Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis - Clinical Practice and Research Uses 12:45p-2:00p

Jeff Dage, PhD

Wed, June 28th - Gene Therapy 2023 and Beyond (In Person)

Kenneth Cornetta, MD, Professor of Clinical Medical & Molecular Genetics, IUSOM

Wed, June 28th - Virtual Lactation Series - Opioid Use and Breastfeeding 12:45p-2:00p

Brandi Brinkerhoff

Thurs, June 29th – An Intimate Conversation on Women In Leadership with Adrienne Sims, Senior Vice President-Chief Human Resources Officer

Adrienne Sims & Christa Porter


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ChatGPT is not secure for patient information
IU Health does not allow the use of ChatGPT with patient data, such as notes in Cerner or other medical record systems. The tool puts patient information at risk, as it does not adhere to HIPAA security standards. Click here for more information.

Cerner Upgrade coming May 20-21

A Cerner upgrade will occur from 10 pm on Saturday, May 20, through 5 am Sunday, May 21. Cerner will remain up throughout the upgrade, while system servers and interfaces are refreshed on a rolling basis. 

Microsoft (MS) Authenticator

MS Authenticator will replace Duo as the multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution for IU Health applications. University Hospital will go live between May 18-25.


Clinical Council Updates




Standardized Neutropenic Fever Order Set: More information coming soon


Update on the Antibiotic Indications Requirement in Cerner:  Antibiotic indications are complete. 


Protocol Reminder for S. Aureus Bacteremia: In the AHC, an ID consult is required for any S. aureus bacteremia.  If any site is interested in implementing a similar policy, please contact Dr. Haley Pritchard. 

Stop Hepatitis B



CDC now recommends all adults aged 18 years and older get screened for hepatitis B at least once in their life. Learn the latest testing, vaccination, and treatment guidance for hepatitis B. Earn free CME

HHS Approach to Cybersecurity



House Committee Hearing Sheds Light on HHS Approach to Healthcare Cybersecurity

At a House Committee on Energy and Commerce hearing, experts from the energy, water, and healthcare sectors testified on how sector-specific agencies. Click here to read more.

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